Useful Links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Favorite Sites

Canine Cancer Awareness
This site is dedicated to all those diagnosed and lost to cancer.
Macedon Veterinary Care
Macedon Veterinary Care offers affordable, caring, and convenient medical care. In addition, our 24 hour emergency service is monitored by an on call, staff veterinarian. Our facility provides complete medical and surgical care as well as holistic and alternative medicinal options.
Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

This is a MUST READ!! Please buy Laurie Kaplan's book. It's the 'Bible' for treating canine cancer.

Veterinary Specialists of Rochester

Dr. Dana Brooks specializes in Lymphoma. She has a great personality and is very open about answering any questions.

Rainbow Bridge

For when it's time to help your furrkid cross over. You won't be alone.

Innova EVO
Hi-Protein, Low Carbs and Grain Free. Comes in both canned and kibble.

Yahoo Groups

Endless Love

For people who have pets with cancer. It's a great group! Lots of loving and intelligent people here.

Canine Cancer Comfort
With cancers being diagnosed in dogs each day, this group is for support, comparision of treatment methods, (conventional or otherwise) and the experiences of those owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. Here you are welcome to vent, grieve, ask questions or simply share stories about your precious furbaby!
Lymphoma Heart Dogs
LymphomaHeartDogs is a support group for people who have dogs that have been diagnosed with a type of canine cancer called lymphoma, lymphosarcoma or canine lymphoma.
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