Veterinary Specialists of Rochester

Located in Rochester NY, they are also an emergency clinic. They can handle just about anything that can happen!! Dr. Dana Brooks specializs in Lymphoma. She's just wonderful!! As you can see at right I love her and those vet techs that help out!

Wisconsin Protocol

The Wisconsin Protocol is a 25 week series of chemotherapy treatments. My treatment rotated 4 different drugs. I go 4 weeks, once a week, then a week off. Another run of once a week for 4 weeks and a week off. Then everyother week.

Where's that?

825 White Spruce Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14623

You may also visit them at www.vetspecialistsofrochester.com

Oreo's Progress

   DrugSide Effects 
 Week 1 Vincristine none
 Week 2 Cyclophosphamide none
 Week 3 Vinblastine didn't achieve the desired effect from Vincristine so was switched to Vinblastine
 Week 4 Doxorubicin about 2 days later had 1 incident of diarhea at 4am
 Week 5 Off! 
 Week 6 Vinblastine none
 Week 7 Chlorambucil none
 Week 8 Vinblastine

has a skin infection. Back on a little pred and Simplicef for the infection

 Week 9 Doxorubicin CBC at 2300, reduced doxy injection, skin infection almost gone
 Week 10 Off!! Anyone know how to get the scorch marks off a credit card?
 Week 11 Vinblastine Skin infection gone and about half his hair!! Naked Puppy alert!
 Week 12 Off! 
 Week 13 Chlorambucil None.... still losing fur!!
 Week 14 Off! 
 Week 15 Vinblastine I have a neekid cow! Whiskers are now disappearing.
 Week 16 Off! 
 Week 17 Doxorubicin His hair WAS starting to grow back. Wonder if it'll fall out again.
 Week 18 Off! 
 Week 19 Vinblastine All good!!
 Week 20 Off! 
 Week 21 Chlorambucil No hair on his muzzle!!
 Week 22 Off! We have a hairy muzzle again!
 Week 23 Vinblastine 
 Week 24 Off! 
 Week 25 Doxorubicin Wow! Wer're done!

Protocol Done!

Now that I'm done with my 25 week protocol. I don't have to go back to see Dr Brooks for 6 weeks! I will still be going for Acupuncture once a month.


Latest Update!!!


I'm almost ONE YEAR in REMISSION!! Yea!! I've had no chemo since February 07! I have hair, and I still LOVE my ball. Keeping up with the diet and the supplements. Also still doing Acupuncture once a month. I love life and have been chasing the cats more, hehehe...

As of Sept. 2007 Dr Brooks has left Veterinary Specialists of Rochester. Oreo's holistic Vet, Dr Schneider will continue any chemotherapy if needed.