On December 3rd, 2007, I found out I came out of remission. I'll be starting the same chemotherapy protocol again. More to come as it happens!!

Wisconsin Protocol again:

  Drug Side Effects
 Week 1 Vinblastine not even 24hrs since injection(12/6/07), nodes have started to come down.
 Week 2 Cyclophosphamide Pees a lot because of the other pill that makes him pee!! Mopey this am, no change in nodes since last week.
 Week 3 Vinblastine Nodes coming down. Hairless dog appearing.....But still has whiskers!
 Week 4 Doxorubicin Delayed 3 days because of questions about his blood work. Doing ok so far.
 Week 5 Off! 
 Week 6 Vinblastine Nodes down a lot on shoulders not as much on neck
 Week 7 Chlorambucil Still have nodes, just a little smaller. Hair coming back!
 Week 8 Vinblastine Dr says nodes are smaller. More hair!! Feel Great! Bood work was good.
 Week 9 Doxorubicin Blood work ok, neutrophils are on the low side while the lymphocytes are off the high end of the scale. Bit worrisome
 Week 10 Off! 
 Week 11 Vinblastine Blood work was the best we've seen!! Neutrophils are normal, lymphocytes are still on the high side but at least the scale can read them now! Oreo feels great. Has butt hair now!
 Week 12 Off! 
 Week 13 Chlorambucil Nodes are not coming down. Looking at changing protocol
 Week 14 Off! Changing to CCNU protocol
 Week 15  Vinblastine Blood work took a big hit. WBC and platlets down. Lymphs down too
 Week 16 CCNU WBC and platlets back up. but lymphs are too.  Nodes are up.
 Week 17 Off Not feeling well....
 Week 18 Off Had an emergency visit to the vet. Platelet and RBC counts very low . Started Pred and antibiotics.
 Week 19 Vincristine After last weekend. We decided one last try. Still on pred. RBC still very low. Looks to be the end very soon..... Cry
  Oreo's bone marrow was severly surpressed by the CCNU. His red blood cell count was dangerously low. We did a blood transfusion Apr 15. That helped but his platelet count was very very low. Apr 16th his breathing began to become laboured. We found he was bleeding in his lungs. We tried a plasma infusion, but the morning of the 17th he wasn't any better. Oreo crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, at 12:30pm, snuggled in between my arms and legs, getting kisses on his head. Thanks to everyone at Veterinary Specialts of Rochester for standing by me during Oreo's passing and thanks to Macedon Veterinary Hospital for the great care Oreo received. Oreo loved you all!!